Bad Link Removal

If you are the owner of quality site who have been getting warning of artificial link building or bad links removal? If consequently, you’re probably wondering why only your website getting such warnings from Google search engine?

You are not alone who getting such warnings and seen a drop in page ranking in the search engine after the up-dates of google penguin. Here we are to help you to solve your this problem easily and help you to retain your ranking in search engines by reducing the bad links from your site.

How to detect that your site is affected by bad links.

If there is considerably a decrease in the page rank and the traffic without any known reason than probably you are hit by the Google Penguin algorithm.

If you are getting unnatural link warning from the Google than your site must have backlinks which need to be removed as soon as possible to avoid penalty or get blocked by Google.

What should be your next step after detecting that your website is affected by Penguin.

You have to remove bad back links from your website and it will take your precious which you can devote to your business to increase your profit and hand over your website to Social Media Link Removal company ,We all analyze your web site backlink account, looking regarding backlinks that could potentially end up being hurting your current websites ranking. We then work to get these bad backlinks to take off, Google for your benefit to have got any probable penalties removed so you have some sort of clean state and the ability to have your website ranking well for the future.

Steps we take to remove bad backlinks from your site

We collect your websites one way link information by various options, Once this really is completed most of us email that to you to help you watch the web link removal process in real time.

Our web analysis authorities will check all your links back one by one, and classify these as spam, clean or maybe already deleted.

After collecting the required back links with your website, we start emailing the webmasters one by one asking for the link to be removed.

We all contact Google as your representative requesting the re-consideration for your website ratings. Google will then tell is if the penalty may be removed, or if we now have more work to complete.

Why to hire us for bad link removal service.

We only remove bad backlinks or spams from your web site. We do not remove links that are highly informative and from dynamic websites and that’s adds value to your website.

We guarantee to remove bad backlinks from your web site and help you to remove the penalty from Google.

We will provide you regular weekly reports of the project so that you will be able to check the progress of work assigned to our team.

We charge nominal charges to our customers for bad back link removal service.

We are family member of Megri Outreach and our services are carried out by Megri Team

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