Website Translation & Localization

Do you know that more than 50% people like to browse the websites or buy online if the website is in their local language? It is also a fact that more than 1/3 of all online users are non-native English, or English is not their first language.

Website translation and localization can increase you website traffic and sales. With advanced website design and development, it has become possible to design multi-language website and render the contents as per visitor language OR provide language selection options. So why miss the possible traffic and sales when you can get website translation and localization at affordable prices from IndiaSEO.

Here are the main features of our services:
  • We localize your website contents so that it is linguistically perfect
  • Ensure that website is translated in a culturally appropriate way
  • Ensure that vocabulary, grammar, punctuation as well as style reflects target audience’s culture and society

Our Services Include:

We offering following translation and localization services:

  • Structural Translation (Navigate, Coding)
  • Website localization
  • Content translation
  • Database translation (For Dynamic Websites)
  • Localize design & graphic elements (e symbols, images, color choices, and other design elements)
  • SEO and Promotion with translation

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