Every company wants high page ranking of their website. Techniques and tools used in optimizing the website are not known to the employes of the company so, instead of hiring the SEO staff for the company it is best to outsource SEO company’s website to professional and experienced SEO outsourcing service providing company.

  1. Set your budget: Firstly you should set the budget of the SEO outsourcing project. This will help you to create the list of offshore SEO companies from the vast list given on the internet or in the yellow pages as, every SEO service providing company gives services at different price. You should make a flexible budget in which future changes could be done according to the current rate and trends in the market.
  2. Meet three to four SEO companies: Company should contact with the selected SEO outsource services providing parties first of all through e-mail or call and set the schedule for meeting with them separately. Meeting could be done at the place of the SEO company if the SEO company is offshore you can go for live video conferencing for face-to-face communication with them. SEO Outsourcing companies should check the previous work done by those SEO companies. During these meetings you both the parties should clear all the needs and requirements of the project.
  3. Choose the right SEO company: After meeting with the different selected SEO companies and considering all the factors discussed in the meeting, choose the one SEO service providing company that you think will fulfill the requirement of your project within the set budget.
  4. Must have basic knowledge of SEO: If the outsourcing company has basic knowledge of the SEO then, they will be able to give a rough draft of the project requirement and a list of Do’s and Do Not’s and can check the quality of work done by the hired SEO company.
  5. Specify your needs and strategies to be followed by a company hired: You should specify needs and requirements of your project to the hired SEO company. So, that you will get the desired result at the end of the project.
  6. Be in touch with SEO services providing party: Always stay in touch with the offshore SEO company so, that you get time to time report regarding the progress of the project and if you need any new considerations or changes in the project you can timely tell to the third party regarding your plan.
  7. Continuous evaluation of work done by the company hired: you should also do time to time evaluation of the work done by the hired SEO company, so that you can give your suggestion related to the project. But also keep this thing in your mind do not interfere much in their work because everyone has their own way of doing work. So, maintain patience and wait till they give the output.
  8. Time to time consideration in budget and deadline of the project if required: There many factors that consider while making budget, but some of these factors keeps on changing with time. That also implies that one should also make amendments in the budget as the changes in rates of services related to the projects. Some time there would may such conditions arises in which the project gets delayed, so that you should also keep this point in mind and sets the project deadlines accordingly.
  9. Protect your confidential data: Always keep an eye on the data that is confidential to the company and shared with these SEO companies. Outsourcing companies should make such clause in their contract that assure protection of confidential data and if they leaked any such information then outsourcing company should have the power to take action against such SEO company. Just assign view permission on confidential data to Offshore SEO service providing company. Most important do not forget to change the Passwords which you shared with third party after delivery of the project.
  10. Verify the work done by the offshore SEO company: At the completion of the project do proper inspection and analysis of the work done by the SEO outsourcing services providing company. You must consider the fact that there are some techniques which show their results in the process of optimization after some time and some of the techniques or service show immediate result in the optimization of website. So, be patience and regularly have a look on the page ranking and other profitable results due to outsourcing SEO services.
  11. Timely payments to service providers: After the completion of the project, verification of the quality of work , and taking back all the confidential data from the hired SEO party, it is the time to do left out payment of the third party.